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If you’re a business owner or self-employed, staying vigilant with tax responsibilities is paramount. Despite best efforts, errors can occur, leading to HMRC inquiries or tax investigations. Thomas Stroud specializes in expert HMRC enquiry and tax investigation services, supporting both businesses and individuals under HMRC scrutiny. Facing HMRC enquiries or tax investigations can be overwhelming. At Thomas Stroud, we excel in resolving these matters. Our seasoned team of tax accountants assists in addressing HMRC inquiries and navigating the investigation process. Rest assured, with our support, your case will be handled meticulously, meeting all its requisites with care.
HMRC employs various methods to investigate taxpayers. One approach is the general inquiry, typically not resulting in fines or charges unless substantial evidence hints at tax evasion over multiple years or fraudulent income claims on returns. Should you receive an HMRC general inquiry letter, our team is ready to assist, ensuring accurate reporting of your assets. We'll accompany you through every meeting, clarifying each stage, preventing confusion about your subsequent steps to steer clear of penalties and charges.
At Thomas Stroud, we strive for the most favorable resolution if HMRC investigates or simply examines your tax matters. Our expertise aids in handling inquiries, preparing necessary documentation, and organizing information for investigations. Upon receiving an HMRC notification regarding your tax affairs, prompt action is crucial; reaching out to us is imperative. With years of experience, our team will guide you through responding to and overseeing your enquiry, aiming for the best possible outcome.
If you receive a letter from HMRC urging you to engage with the CDF, seeking advice from a professional is crucial. The underlying reason is straightforward: HMRC suspects potential tax fraud on your part. Refusal to cooperate may prompt HMRC to escalate the investigation, potentially leading to a criminal probe. This could involve seeking information about your business and financial dealings from external sources. Such an investigation might adversely impact your suppliers, customers, and other business connections as they could become subjects of scrutiny.
HMRC conducts ‘campaigns’ targeting individuals in specific fields to disclose any undisclosed or undervalued income. If involved in such a campaign, you'll need to calculate owed taxes, income, interest, and potential penalties. Penalties could reach up to 20% of the tax due. HMRC's independent discovery might lead to a more severe penalty, up to 100% of the unpaid tax. Hence, opting for campaign disclosure is prudent to avoid hefty fines. At Thomas Stroud, our expertise and guidance aim to minimize imposed fines, ensuring your company isn’t hindered by recent changes in HMRC policy.
Engaging with HMRC typically proceeds smoothly, yet occasional discrepancies in perspectives may arise. With our extensive experience navigating intricate matters with HMRC, we specialize in securing favorable resolutions for our clients. If you believe HMRC is mistaken, we're equipped to assist you in filing a claim. Recognizing the financial strain and stress investigations may bring, our aim is to seek compensation on your behalf.
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) advises taxpayers to proactively inform them if they've overlooked disclosing crucial information. Self-reporting can potentially lessen penalties that might otherwise be severe if HMRC uncovers the omission independently. Our expert team can assist you through the voluntary disclosure procedure, ensuring full compliance with HMRC regulations.

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