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Our dedication lies in providing customers with effective, dependable, and cost-efficient services, ensuring seamless compliance with pertinent requirements. With our team’s expertise and extensive knowledge in company filings, we stand as the perfect partner for your Confirmation Statement Filing needs.
A Confirmation Statement is a crucial legal document that verifies details like your company's directors, shareholders, registered office address, Person of Significant Control (PSC), and other essential information. It's mandatory for all UK-registered companies to file a Confirmation Statement with Companies House, the government's official company register, at least once annually.
The "Person of Significant Control" register, known as the PSC register, is a vital document. It's mandatory for most UK companies, LLPs, and Societas Europaea (SEs) to maintain a PSC register. This record details individuals or entities significantly influencing or managing the company, such as those holding over 25% of voting rights, shareholding, or the authority to appoint or remove directors.
Contained within the PSC register are details about individuals or organizations with substantial control over the business. This includes names, birthdates, nationalities, and addresses.
Filing the Confirmation Statement holds significant importance for various reasons. Firstly, it guarantees the accuracy and currency of your company's information. Secondly, it prevents fines and penalties resulting from incomplete or erroneous details. Lastly, it showcases compliance with UK laws and regulations to clients, partners, and investors, fostering trust and a favorable reputation for your company.
We at Thomas Stroud offer you a wide range of confirmation statement filing services which are:
  • Creating the Confirmation Statement: We'll compile your company's confirmation statement, verifying that all necessary details are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Filing the Confirmation Statement: We'll handle the submission of your company's Confirmation Statement to Companies House on your behalf, ensuring it meets the deadline.
  • Registered Office Address Assistance: If your company lacks a registered office address, we provide a service to help ensure accurate filing of your Confirmation Statement.
  • Deadline Monitoring and Reminders: We'll monitor your company's filing deadlines and send timely reminders, ensuring you stay on track and avoid late filing penalties.
  • Guidance and Assistance: Our proficient team is primed to provide guidance and support across all facets of filing a confirmation statement, encompassing relevant laws and optimal practices.
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    At Thomas Stroud, our knowledgeable team comprises skilled experts well-versed in Confirmation Statement Filing regulations. We offer a range of tailored services catering to diverse needs of UK-registered companies. Rest assured, our commitment ensures precise and timely submission of your Confirmation Statement, delivering a dependable, efficient, and budget-friendly service.

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